A good but LONG week…

Well last week was an EXTREMELY long week. It was awesome but really long. The Indy Camp were really great, for those of you that were there you know just how good they were! For for a speaker, I spoke 16 times in 8 days! That’s a lot in case you were wondering. But every service was good, students were listening and God was speaking! I shared out of James in all of our evening services and then we talked about what it means to pray the Lords prayer not just say it. We will be going over the same stuff at all my camps this summer, I’m pretty stoked about that, we are just covering some awesome stuff that I think can really change our lives if we let it.

Oh man, there were tons of great things happening at camp. We went roller skating, always good times. Got to hang out at the water park. During Jr. high camp I was really tired at the water park and passed out, 2 hours later I woke up with a killer sunburn on my back. Then at Sr. high I showed everybody how to do out of control semi-flipping flips off the diving board. Yea, it was painful! Probably my most memorable highlight was during Sr. high camp when a youth pastor came up to me and told me 3 of his students and decided to put their faith in Jesus and follow him. To know that God is moving hearts and calling young people to follow him during camp is exactly why I do what I do!!! It’s an incredible thing to be apart off!

So much good stuff happened, Indianapolis District Jr. and Sr. high camps were my first camp of the summer, we’re off to a good start! 

Check out some pic in the summer 06 photo album -- Coming REALLY soon!!!