World Record...

Well i set a world record! i just started reading the Kyle Lake book, (RE) Understanding Prayer. I started it Sunday and finished it Wednesday. Yea, i am done already. I don't really know how to write a book review, maybe someone who reads this can give me some advice but in short, it was good! I thought there were a few to many stories, there were times when he could have got the point a little faster but overall it was a really good book. Easy read, great content on a conversational relationship with God. I felt that he help a great tension of not saying to many negative things about how most of us have been taught to pray but instead spent more of his time constructing a frame work for a new (but not really new) understanding and practice of prayer as life, not just a prayer life.

So yea, it was good! You should pick it up!

Peace & still reading

PS; i also finished John Pipers book that is on my list. Not nearly as good as this one but he did say some fairly profound things on fasting. it's worth the read.