Remembering I am saved…

Today I am remembering that I am saved. I think for those of us who have been in the Church for quite some time, we have let many valuable words lose their worth. Words like saved, redeemed and many others. Well I am going to redeem some of those words, at least in my own heart and mind.

Redeemed: To restore the honor, worth, or the reputation of.
I would simply say; to give value to something that has lost it’s intended value, in short.

One down, one to go (for now).

So I also want to redeem the word “saved” in a religious / Christian context (I will share with you how the word religious has been redeemed in my heart and mind later).

This word saved was really on my mind throughout church this morning. We sang, we prayed, we participated, we remembered, we heard about the SAVING love of Jesus.

We sang a song in church this morning that brought back memories from this past year of camp. The song, “When I think about the Lord.” A line in that song says, “When I think about the Lord, how he saved me…” For me that had lost it’s meaning but when a girl came up to me at a camp telling me how she felt like the Lord was SAVING her from drug addiction and dealing the word saved took on some new value.

This morning as we participated in communion I felt as if (once again but also in a new way) I was participating in the saving love of Jesus. Remembering that he didn’t just die for me once but be died for me once so I could live today and everyday. The scriptures even say we are “being saved.” Not once for all but once for all the days of my life.

I remember Colossians 1:13 (the message paraphrase)
“God has saved you from dead ends and darks allies and has set us up in the kingdom of the son he loves so much.”

So today I am remembering that I AM SAVED! That God really has saved me from dead end and dark allies. I think it’s easy for me to forget that because I have been saved for such a long time but today I am redeeming the word saved! Giving it value in my life once again!