Plugged back in…

Well I plugged back in this last Thursday but haven’t really had a chance to write much about the experience of being unplugged. I have been pretty busy getting geared up for a summer full of camps and moving out of my current apartment and into my car, as well as a handful of other things.

But being unplugged was an interesting experience. The thing I noticed most was not having my cell phone. Not because I wasn’t getting my normal amount of calls but because I didn’t have the time. I never knew what time it was. That was kinda freeing and kinda binding at the same time (if that makes any sense). It hard not having  my computer as well. I am SO very addicted to e-mail, myspace and all the other various things I do on my computer.

I am not real sure what else I learned other than the importance of taking time to not take time, taking time to just look around instead of at a computer screen. One of the things that was thought provoker was the idea that in a day where I had no way to contact the world I am used to being able to contact I had to let life come to me. When you have e-mail and phones and a billion other ways to get a hold of people you are able to seek out “stuff” to do but when you unplug you kinda have to let life come to you. It was refreshing!

Anyway, I think everybody should try it, at least everybody that is as addicted to the 21st century, high-tech, consumer-net mindset.

So yea try it out, unplug for a day and let me know. Maybe you can call it a Sabbath, hmmm…