Eucharist_2The center of our worship is the person of Jesus Christ and to participate in that resurrected life we the Church eat and drink! We eat some bread; wafers, biscuits, crackers, if your lucky King Hawaiian bread from Kroger. This bread represents the broken body of Jesus. Then we drink the cup; grape juice, wine, sparkling grace stuff, carbonated grape beverage, I have even had white wine, it was to strong for me. And this represents the blood of Jesus that was shed for us.

Tonight, with around 70 people in the sunny state of Florida I took the Eucharist / communion / The Lord’s Supper. We broke bread  from a small loaf and then dipped it in a plastic cup (it looked like a martini glass which I thought was kinda funny!). I love taking / sharing in this meal in this way with God’s people (it’s called intinction -- not sure about the spelling). When we do it like this usually everybody is very careful to dip the bread into the cup, shaking off any excess grape juice (we’re Nazarenes) so that we don’t get it on our hands. But I love getting it on my hands. I love dipping the bread deep into the cup, pulling it out and letting it drip all down my fingers and then onto my hand, and sometimes it will even begin to drip down my arm. After I eat I always have this insatiable urge to go out and shake peoples hands. But not church people, not people I know but rather the guy at the gas station, the girl at McDonalds, the homeless guy on the street, the hippy in the wal-mart parking lot. I want to shake their hands and get them, through touching, a little wet with the blood of Jesus. They might not even know it, I wouldn’t have to say a word but this blood that is dripping down my hand is infectious! And maybe because I have been infected, because I have participated in this meal, in the very body and blood of Jesus they would get infected to. Infected with this blood, which in the scriptures equals life. Maybe they would get infected with REAL life just as I was when Jesus and his blood was rubbed of on me.

Just dripping