Need to be heard…

As a speaker / teacher / pro hangout guy I talk a lot (maybe to much from time to time -- no comments needed!) But when you talk you hope to be heard. I think that is a general rule. Weather you are in conversation with friends or speaking to 10,000 people you hope to be heard, maybe we have an intrinsic desire or bent to be heard, I don’t know.

But I was sitting, talking and not talking with some peeps today and realized I don’t need to be heard. And I thought maybe I need to live in that realization more often, I don’t need to be heard! When I am with friends, when I am with strangers, I don’t need to be heard.

Often I think this desire to be heard captures us in a way that we talk for being heards sake. It’s like putting your name in a bucket to win a free Nintendo or something and then they tell you can enter your name in the drawing as many times as you want. So you fill out 500 tickets hoping one gets picked. You talk so much, lots of words (most sounding like the teacher in the Peanuts cartoon, “waaa waaa waaa”) but you say them all, fitting as many words as you can into the conversation or lack of conversation so that maybe one will be picked up and actually heard.

SO yea, I just got to thinking I don’t need to be heard. I don’t want to be the guy who talks so much it just ends up sounds like empty, incompressible sounds, waaaa waaaa waaa. Especially when I am “preaching” or teaching, I REALLY don’t want to be heard then. My desire is for God to speak, for him to be heard.

Now I really believe this but the bent I have as a human is a desire to be heard. So I pray, Jesus change me, change my desires. May my desire be for you and your grace to be heard!