Maranatha -- Come, Lord Jesus, come! Should we not be praying and fasting for the return of Jesus?

I am reading a book by John Piper, part of my study on prayer. Piper says we should be praying and fasting for the return of Jesus and for his kingdom to come. I wonder how that work…

I have thought for a long time now that maybe I have a lot left to do before Jesus comes back. So many people need to know about him and I have so many things I want to accomplish. Many of those things are good, ministries oriented things but some are not. Am I being selfish in my desire to continue life as it is on earth? Should I desire more for Jesus to come back soon, even now? I am not so sure.

Part of my desire is based on my outlook on Jesus and his coming. I don’t think we have to wait for his Kingdom to come on earth until Jesus comes back in flesh and blood or spirit and truth, whatever you think. I think in many ways Jesus and his kingdom is breaking in right now! He is using our flesh and blood, which is his to establish his kingdom now. His kingdom is coming in real and profound ways now!

Do  I lack a hunger for his Kingdom come? I don’t think so… But my understanding is my life and your life will bring that kingdom come.

Should I pray, should I fast for his kingdom to come, for the resurrected Jesus to be displayed on this earth? Absolutely! But my prayer is that Jesus and his Kingdom, his resurrection will be establish and displayed in and through me, that is what I am hungry and thirsty for, that is was I pray & fast for!

Praying; Come, Lord Jesus, Come! -- Maranatha!