Often times things seem too big and I ask myself, “what can I really do to help.” I mean really what is an e-mail going to do or a signature on a peace of paper. I really struggle with getting involved. I can give money or sponsor a child but actually doing something that is going to inconvenience me, yea I’m a failure! Why can’t I give a day a week or even a month to walk downtown and get to know a homeless guy, take him out for lunch or something? But then I have this internal struggle, I don’t wan to do it just to make myself feel good, I want to be following Jesus and loving and serve those who don’t have a voice or those who have needs. It’s like a big mind game or something and what it comes down to is me just needing to take action, real action as I follow Jesus.

Today I ran across an article on a place called Darfur. There is a genocide going on, they say over 400,000 people have died already. If you have seen Hotel Rowanda (if not you should) it’s a similar situation to that but in the early stages. Go to for more info. But today I mailed an online postcard to president Bush. It feels pretty pointless to be honest but I prayer that my postcard gives one of those 400,000 a voice and says, HELP. I didn’t e-mail the link to 10 people but instead I am posting the link (above) if you can get involved do it!!! At least send the postcard.

Reading about this today on top of really being moved by Isaiah 58 this weekend is stirring me to pray that God would really move me to have a voice for the voiceless and that he would use me, my hands and feet to meet the needs of those who are in need! 

I am also starting to read a book called the irresistible revolution. Someone very special to me gave it to me as a gift and I am looking forward to reading it and learning better what it means to be apart of the Jesus Revolution. I have a hunch that it has something to do with those who are in need!