Well here is another oldie but a goodie. I was reading through some of my old blogs and this one was extremely fitting for me at the moment. I just needed to be reminded of God’s goodness and faithfulness toward me despite my often inconsistency and faithlessness toward Him. I just needed this reminder and I need to continue to pray that God would give me His Spirit and enable me to be faithful, to be consistent in my relationship with Him.

Saturday, December 11, 2004

Consistency, This word for the Christian is a big deal. I think we (followers of Jesus) need consistency or if we want to talk in “churchy” language the term I would equate would be faithfulness. This isn’t to say that Jesus followers need faith, Christ has promised that he would gift all his people (excluding none) with faith but the living out, the use of this gift of faith is what we call faithfulness or Christian consistency. This is living a life really, truly --authentically-- trusting & leaning into the heart of Jesus. This isn’t something based on emotion or how one feels, it is based on a choice to trust Jesus and live full of the faith he has gifted us with. This faith being played out in our everyday day life is what I am talking about.

Living a life full of faith like this is the kind of life the psalmist advocates when he says… “ will you be absent forever?” then he says “I will wait to hear you voice!” This faith-full-ness is a life lived trusting & following “the way” of Jesus even when you are in the desert, even when God seems absent. There are stories all over the bible of the people of God, even Jesus himself being led into the desert, led into a time when God seemed distant, seemed absent or maybe even seemed non-existent. But it is in these times when consistency / faithfulness comes into play. It is during these times I pray that I will be one who can like Habakkuk say, “I will stand at my watch post and station myself on the rampart; I will keep watch to see what God will say to me and what he will answer concerning my complaint.”

This post is prompted not only by my own faith-less-ness but by the faithlessness I see in the lives of many people who follow Jesus with me. Why are we so inconsistent? Why do we let our emotions or our circumstances dictate our relationship with Jesus. In all the circumstances in life, all the emotions one goes through are we not still called to be faithful? Even better hasn’t God gifted us and filled us with faith, why do we not actively rest in this gift?

Habakkuk finds himself in some pretty crappy circumstances, he is in a desert of sorts. And during this desert time he sets a pretty cool pattern for us to follow.

#1. First, he let’s God know his complaint. He doesn’t hold back he really gives God a piece of his mind. And just so ya know, God can handle it! Verses to read -- 1:2-4

#2. Secondly he says that no matter what is happening, no matter what the circumstances are he will stand watch to see God answer his complaint. He anticipates God’s coming & breaking into the circumstance. Verse to read -- 2:1

#3. Third and final step in this pattern we can follow in these desert times, in these times when God seems distant. Habakkuk say that he remembers what God has done and how God has NEVER failed to be faithful in the past and prays that God’s will would be done and that he would revive his people by his presence in his own time (his will be done). So he remembers God’s faithfulness and looks forward to God being faithful in the future. Verse to read --3:2

So may God enable you and I to be faithful, just as He will be, until the end!

Leaning into Jesus