An incredible Easter…

Well he has, risen indeed!!! I was a little disappointed that all of my faithful blog readers (all 2 of you) didn’t post a reply to my Easter pic post. But then I thought about it and realized you probably didn’t post because you have a life and are not sitting around reading or writing blogs. So instead of being disappointed I applauded you!

Anyway, I had an incredible Easter. All around it was great…

I woke up late and shaved my beard, which was a 10 days grown! I looked burley… good times. So shaved and put on a shirt and tie, that’s right, I got tied up for Easter! I went to my Home Nashville Church, which was awesome. I was greeted by many loving and caring people, it always feels good to be called by name and asked sincerely, “how have you been.” I was able to help my pastor serve the Eucharist / communion which was a great privilege. I had to pray for forgiveness to before I approached the table, I traveled dangerously fast, breaking every posted speed limited imaginable (90ish was the average speed -- Kids, don’t do this at home!) so I sought forgiveness for reckless lawbreaking (to get to church!??!) and continue to have a great morning with my Nashville Community while we worshiped our risen Lord! 
After church I had Easter dinner with my pastor and his family. It was great food and good conversation. I also experienced the highlight of my day as I was getting ready to leave. My pastors brother, his family and their newly adopted Russian daughter had lunch with us and then they were playing out back after lunch, the great Easter egg hunt and whatnot. We were all getting ready to leave and Alan (my pastor) leaned down to get a goodbye kiss from this adorable little girl, probably 2 or 3 years old. Instead of running to Alan she ran to me and grabbed my leg and puckered up!  I leaned down and got a hug and a kiss on the cheek! A highlight of the day for sure!
Next I went home for a while and thought and prayed, just thinking about Jesus. Before long I went to Fido, a great Nashville coffee shop and read for a few. After an hour or so it was time to Go to church again. I have been attending this cool little Sunday evening community in Nashville when I am in town and so I decided to go to their Easter service, I am glad I did. Lots to tell about this great and untraditional service but I will just give a few highlights. First during the first song a bunch of kids came out and filled a cross that obviously had nails in it at one time with flowers. The cross, a sign of torture and punishment all the sudden became a beautiful reminder that Christ has risen, he has riesn indeed and what once was a Roman torturing device is now our reminder that Christ died and now has rose again. Each nail hole was filled with a beautiful flower, great picture!!! Then there was not a “sermon” this night but instead 4 people / couples walked toward the front (at different times) and shared with the community their stories of personal resurrection and how Jesus has not just rose but he brought them with him!  People and their stories of being raised with Jesus, it was incredible. I kept thinking, I need to be raised with Christ. It was an incredible service!!!
Then later that evening I had some sushi @ PM and chilled with some of my boys! It was the perfect end to an incredible day!

And so that was my Easter. It was great and the Lord continually reminded, “I have risen and want to bring you with me. I want to bring you out of your present hell and torment, I want to bring you with me to life and victory, to resurrection.” I need that! I need that HOPE!!!

Risen with Christ