A post on a lighter note, I had a great weekend with the students from Kansas City Central Church. I met lot of great people, we worshiped together and learned how to follow Jesus a little better together. It was a really good weekend. I came to a realization of my own this weekend, really God reminded me of some things.

Just realizing why I do what I do was the reminder I received this weekend. I don’t do what I do for money (God knows that) or just to be busy and have steady work or something but rather I do it to share with students what I have experienced when I was a student, that Jesus is who he said he was and his way is the best possible way to live.

Life and ministry is extremely busy these days. There are so many things on the horizon that I need to give attention to and these things and the excitement that comes with them give me some real motivation. But it’s a weekend like the one I just had that reminds me of my REAL motivation. 

I was sitting in the back of our worship space, I was worshiping with the students and praying for them and God began to squeeze my heart (in a good way.) I wanted so badly in that moment to just sit down and share my heart with those kids. Let them know that their selfish, corrupt, dead end pursuits will NEVER lead to satisfaction. Rather God is the only one who will satisfy and lead us to fields where the Son shines and the grass is soft and green to lay down on. That’s His promise! We might not live in that field every moment of our journey but the desert is on the way just as much as the beach but the river that is God flows through it all and we should just jump in and let it take us aways.

I found my heart being squeezed and my eyes welling up with a desire for these students to be captured by the love and grace of God. My desire is for these students to follow Jesus because I KNOW it’s the best way, the only way to really LIVE.

An ability to share the love and compassion of Christ and proclaim a way (His way) that is not a list of rules but is a way of freedom and of light, that's my motivation! 

I have been listening to the song Fix You by Coldplay a lot in the last few days. That song is all about journey and being found in the desert but understanding there is a light that can and will guide you home if you just look up and see it and let it. I am proclaiming that light. That is why I do what I do. Some times I need to remember it just as much as I need to share it!