Mosaic podcast…

I have been listening to a pod cast from a church in LA, Mosaic. It’s a pretty popular / well known church. The lead pastor is Erwin McManus, he’s an author and speaker. He is also a futurist. I don’t really know what that is but I think I want to be one, it just sounds freaken cool! But Mosaic’s podcast is pretty much just the churches weekly teaching / sermon. Unlike the Relevant podcast which does more of a talk show vide covering entertainment, culture, Christian stuff, etc (it’s a great podcast, probably my favorite, check it out) but Mosaic just casts the weekly teachings. Not “just” I mean they’re really good. Right now Mosaic is going through a series based off of one of McManus’ books Chasing Daylight. I have been listening to them while I drive in my car this week and the teachings are pretty solid.    I plan on posting some thoughts on each teaching through out the next few weeks as I listen to them. I probably need to read the book, I guess I will get to that later.

Chasing Daylight -- here we come!


[listen to the mosaic podcast]