Lent and my humanity…

I have decided to journey through the Lenten season this year, giving up and taking on certain things to heighten my hunger for Jesus and his resurrection. To start Lent I went to a beautiful Ash Wednesday service at Christ Cathedral Church in downtown Nashville. This service reminded me from ashes I have come and to ashes I will return. I couldn’t miss it, the ashes were on my forehead to remind me. This service just reminded me that I am utterly human, frail and week, I am incapable of any good on my own. But for me this whole Lent deal is reminding me of this, of how much I am incapable of disciplining myself, of working hard to do good. I need Jesus! I have had certain goals, things I have wanted to give up and things I have wanted to do during this season and to be honest I am failing miserably. So the other night I was thinking about my humanity and about my lack of strength and discipline and Jesus reminded me, “maybe that’s the point. It's not that your good and self disciplined but that you remember how hard it is and how much you need me, Jesus, the son of God to rise and give you the very Spirit of God."

So unlike usual I am not going to beat myself up, I am on going to toss in the towel because I haven’t done certain things and refrained from others. Usually if I mess up at something I just give up and say that I will try it next time. But this time I am trying to pick my self up of the floor and focus on the hope of the resurrection, that because Jesus was raised so also can I be! It is in that resurrection (that is on it’s way) that I have hope and power.

I will continue on my Lenten journey and with my Lenten practices this year, maybe learning just as much from my failures as I am from my successes. But I’ll tell you what! I am looking forward to Easter, Starbucks here I come!!!