Heaven Forbid…

Life was not meant to be lived alone. I have been struggling lately with feeling disconnected and not apart of any real community. That is one of the worst feelings in the world because something that is central to my understanding of Jesus and his way is that life is supposed to be lived in community.

There is one minor problem with my overwhelming need for community, I live in my car. Communities are locationaly stable (for the most part) and live near each other, share life together, all that good stuff. The fact that I am on the road week in and week out makes it really hard for me to really be apart of a community. I have a local church I participate in every chance I get and a group of friends I hang with when I can but being on the road so much really hinders my ability to participate in these communities.

I feel that God has called me, enable me and opened the doors for me to be on the road preaching & teaching his message but how do I fulfill God’s leading to travel and participated in community which is also central to following Jesus? How do I do these things at the same time?

The Fray… I have been listening to their CD How to Save a Life in excess recently. I tend to do that when I find something I really like but it’s really good. But their song heaven forbid heightened my thoughts on sharing life with people and with a person.

Heaven forbid you end up alone and you don’t know why
Hold on tight wait for tomorrow you’ll be alright.
Heaven forbid you end up alone…

I think there is something true to that line, heaven forbid we end up alone. But this is true not just because it would suck to be alone or without a romantic love or without a ton of friends but rather because God intendeds for you to share life with people. Romance and love, sharing life with someone who will complete you (in a biblical way) is part of that I think, I hope, but not the whole. Maybe we get to caught up in that one, singular relationship when God intends for us to have many meaningful, lasting relationships with people who we will follow him with. It’s also not just about knowing a ton of people and being able to name drop or always having something to do. Rather, I believe God wants us to have a handful (number doesn’t matter) of significant, meaningful, vulnerable relationships. People you are open and honest with, people you journey after Jesus with in the most significant of ways.

If we were to wake up one day and realize we were alone… you could have a billion friends and even one person who you say you love… but if we were to wake one day and realize we were really alone, no meaningful, vulnerable relationships, no person or people whom you were open and really brutally honest with, no one you were really following Jesus with in meaningful ways… Maybe then you would really be alone. And literally, heaven forbid.

Just thinking about community and really sharing life with people. I pray God would surround me (and you) with people who will live in these kind of Jesus communities and follow after the heart of God together.

Praying for life together