Dashboard days…

If any of you listen to Dashboard confessional then you know what a dashboard day is!

Sitting in your car, listing to SB music a.k.a. Dashboard confessional and trying to figure out if life will ever just come together.

Those are my days currently but God continually tries to speak truth into my life. I am just trying to hold on to that and trust in Jesus. I think even for the most spiritual of people, the greatest of Christians, the holiest of men and women find themselves in these days. These days of wondering if the world is ever going to just line up, if life will ever just come together. You want to trust in the Lord and you are but your circumstances are hard to see past. You want to hope, to be able to see the future God has for you but despair is so much easier because it’s so close.

Some hope you have to let go of and some hope needs to be your anchor. I am praying that Jesus would be my hope and that I would let that anchor me in my turbulent times.

Seeking him

I’m going to let the author this go anonymous but I’ll toss it out there because I am thinking it...

Ahhh, the options…

What is better. I have been pondering these options over the last couple days. No conclusions, just pondering. Let me know what you think.

What is better;

To be loved fully and completely by another, with purity and passion, without doubt or despair. but then not to reciprocate that love, not to give it like it is being given?
To love, to give yourself with out reserve, fully and completely to lay all you are in the hands of another, to not have a shadow of doubt in your heart about the course being pursued but then to find yourself on that path alone and exposed, standing naked in the middle of a field with nothing to cover your heart.
To be alone, to worry about no one but your self but know that you are secure and safe in that place, no to leave or be left by.

What is better?