I have never really been cool. Now don’t get me wrong, I am not the humblest guy in the world and about to say all kinds of self-deprecating things. I am not stupid, ugly, and nerdy or anything like that. If you ask the right people they would probably even say I am a little cocky from time to time, I would probably agree with them.

But that doesn’t change the fact that I am not anywhere near “COOL” Never have been.

I am wondering what exactly it takes to be cool. Do you have to have the right amount of facial hair, perfect jaw bone, sparkly eyes and a cool foe-hawk? You know, is it just the right look that makes you “cool”? Or do you have to wear the right $200 dollar jeans and thrift store t-shirt that actually cost you fifty bucks? So is it the right clothes? Maybe it’s the right attitude? Just cocky enough that you can approach anyone but nice enough that you don’t piss people off and push them away. Or is it just association? You know the right people so you’re “cool”? 

Miles Davis as we all know has culturally epitomized cool. I read an article in GQ (I think) on the philosophy of cool. I obviously don’t remember any of it but I do remember Miles Davis was on the cover. What made that cat so cool? I mean, if peeing your pants is cool call Billy Madison Miles Davis.


I was at a show the other night. It was a really good show, 2 guys, their acoustic guitars and some really good tunes. Mike Logan, a guy I know was one of the dudes. Really good, check out his myspace. But anyway, at this show there were a few guys that were just “cool”. One guy in particular, I see him around, at the coffee shop, at concerts and the like. The kid is just “cool” and I don’t even know why.

Now I am not sure I even want to be cool. I am sure there is a lot of pressure associated with being cool. Always having to wear the right clothes and be seen with the right people but I have to admit for just one night it would be nice to be cool. To get to sit on the fluffy couch with all the pretty girls sitting around you, one of them might even really like you but you don’t care cause your cool. Just knowing you’re the center of the room, even when there is a guy playing his guitar on the stage. Cool would be good for one night instead of sitting on a stool by yourself in the back of the room hoping no one stands in front you so you can at least see the guy playing his guitar.

So I am not sure what to make of the whole “cool” scene but that’s ok, I think I’m happy being normal and having my identity in Christ instead stead of a billion other things that might or might not make me cool. And maybe someday someone will think I am cool (hopefully a pretty girl) and stand with me in the back of the room. I look forward to that day, we’ll see… 

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