A God who speaks…

One of my prayers when I speak at youth and college events is that God would speak. Not that God would speak to the teens, not that God would just speak to the students but that God would speak to me. I pray that God would speak to the leaders, to the youth pastors to the worshiper leaders.

I pray that God would speak!

I don’t know if you have experienced this but I have… God is faithful. This past weekend with Beaver Creek Community Church of the Nazarene God spoke. He answered my prayers. Now I saw students with the Glory of God permeating their faces. There are times when you can just see God sitting on their shoulders, shining through their faces but I also saw God moving and changing the leaders, moving and changing me! You see when God speaks you can’t contain it, you can’t just speak to the youth because when it is God who is really doing the speaking His words go to the youngest and the oldest, they penetrate every heart.
We follow a God who speaks!  He speaks in the craziest of times, the weirdest of times, the most inopportune of times he speaks. We just need to be open and have ears to hear! That’s what Jesus kept saying… “Let him who has ears to hear, hear”

We serve a God who speaks

Praying for ears