A bloggen interview…

So I’m just chillen at my favorite coffee shop, the frothy monkey! Nashville is full of good ones!!! But as I was sitting in my booth minding my own business, listening to a little Dave Barnes a ladies lips began to move as she was looking at me. So I took off my headphones and realized there were words coming out of her mouth. She was a reporter for the Nashville Rage and was doing an article on blogging. I guess a prominent blog in the Nashville scene has decided to unplug and they are asking people what they think about it and also what their favorite blogs are. I had never heard of the blog but told her I was an avid blogger myself and that I read more blogs that are published by individuals then big community blogs. But I ended up telling her my favorite “big” blog was Relevant’s blog. And now that I think about it I am not really sure if Relevant even has a blog but I listen to their podcast and read their online content, that counts right?

Well she took a head shot of me to put in the Rage and was on her way. I gave her my name and occupation -- youth speaker -- I probably should have just said evangelist, oh well. The one thing I am mad about is that I didn’t give her my NEW blog link. What impeccable timing and I missed the opportunity. Oh well.

If you happen to read this blog because you saw my name in the Nashville Rage, let me know. I am curious if anyone finds me.

Peace and bloggen

PS -- I will add a list of my favorite blogs in the left column soon. As well as my favorite podcasts. Check em out.